Ex-FBI Boss Comey: “Aren’t we all a bit like Hitler?”

The sudden revelations of the FBI in the matter of email affair just before the presidential election are not an accident. Ex-FBI boss, James Comey was obviously politically much closer to Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton. Trump is a racist out of conviction und Comey is obviously in no way inferior to him.

Only in 2015, the then FBI Director in Washington held a speech about the always topical issue ‘Whacking Colored People’ and finally opened the eyes of the world: A little racism, as Comey’s words to that effect, is quite normal.

This does not only concern the police, but every person has unconsciously prejudices when standing in front of a black man. The FBI veteran knows, “People just react differently to a black face than a white one.”

We have held a fictitious short interview with the FBI boss after this speech and asked him a few questions about this baffling theory.

Satire brutally served: Mr. Comey, if you meet a person with a dark taint on the road – what thoughts spontaneously come to your mind?

James Comey: I cannot help but thinking ‘bimbo’!

Sbs: Isn’t that very politically incorrect?

JC: No, you wanted to know what spontaneously comes to my mind. And that’s ‚Bimbo‘. By the way, this goes for all people in the world, no matter what race they are!

Sbs: The swarthy are people too! Moreover, you claim that ‚Bimbo’ also spontaneously crosses their mind if they, for example, look in the mirror?

Sbs: Of course, or even ‚Nigger‘. They often call each other ‚Nigger’ when they are among themselves. So, is that politically correct?

Sks: If you meet the former president Barrack Obama, do you call him ‘Nigger’ as well?

JC: No, just ‚Bimbo’. We somehow have to distinguish ourselves from these ordinary vermin!

Sbs: Okay, let’s say you are traveling to Africa. As we know, the colored ones are significantly outnumbered there. What would you say if they would call you ‚Bimbo’ because you are white?

JC: They would never get that idea. They know exactly that only black people are ‚Bimbos’.

Sbs: And what do the Africans call you?

JC: White bread. Is that politically correct?

Sbs: Well, grub would be worse.

JC: Well, great, why not give them tips!

Sbs: Well, the term ‘Bimbo’ is one thing, but whacking poor people on every corner is another thing. Or does every person do that spontaneously as well?

JC: Alright, that may be a little exaggerated occasionally. I admit, beatings would probably be enough sometimes.

Sks: But beatings are already very common with the US police. But does the poor black guy, if already unconsciously laying on the ground, have to be ‘shot on the run’?

JC: That depends on the situation. But in principle, they are used to it by now and they basically don’t expect anything else.

Sbs: Then they probably don’t even investigate when the Al-Qaeda snuff Mr. Obama?

JC: Something like that would be somewhat dubious, they are just ordinary cameleers after all!

Sbs: Mr. Comey, thank you for the honest conversation.

Dear readers, you now know that Mr. Comey is not undeservingly considered a liberal in the United States…

Ex-FBI Boss James Comey – or „one of us,” as one cares to say in the US at the extremely dedicated ‘Ku Klux Klan’ organization.