From desires of the female psyche in the dark dungeon of civil convention

Psychologists have determined by questioning women of different age groups in various surveys that the lovely womanhood was definitely not made for monogamous relationships.

Deep inside, our girls would love to do pub tours with guys all night, permanently let it all hang out, and sneak another one-night stand every night. However, their sexuality is imprisoned in the endless deep dungeon of the bourgeois convention.

Men can act out their desires and barely need to consider conventions and religious prudishness because no one expects them to. If a man romps around the nightlife and screws one chick after another, he is considered a favorite with the ladies, as a successful playboy who has the world at his feet. A woman who does the same thing is a slut.

From conviction, most men actually firmly believe that women are decent, reliable, faithful – simply exemplary. However, ever since the American journalist Gillian Telling blew the whistle on the depths of the female psyche, boys are gradually getting an idea of the longings that slumber deeply inside the well-mannered womanhood, just waiting to be finally awakened.

Subconsciously, our girls are nothing but cute sex monsters that are not suitable for monogamous connections and, therefore, are often bored by a partner within a few days, and latest after three years, every relationship is finally running out of steam.

Then Women are only kidding themselves and are clinging to material security, the next generation, and society. So, most women stay with a partner until spiritual desolation to meet the expectations of their environment and dutifully abide good conventions invented by dried up, bitter and envious old priests.

Our ladies paid a high price for their image of a faithful mother and clean monogamous woman. These poor women can actually consider themselves lucky if their partners are looking for a younger one in their late 40s, and they are finally available for new relationships. However, most of them are no longer able to turn around their life by then…

The woman and the animal inside her…