How Chancellor Angela Merkel finally eliminates the refugee problem

The detention center in Turkey for refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa is probably not going to exist for much longer. Not because Turkey now has mutated to dictatorship – that would not bother Merkel – but because this dictatorship imprisoned the German/Turkish journalist Deniz Yüzel without any significant reason. In abundance, he was also a correspondent for a major daily German newspaper, and therefore the Turkish Government is not highly regarded by Germany.

So Merkel went to Egypt to persuade the local Government to build a detention center for refugees. Egypt is also a dictatorship, and the jail there is also well-filled with dissidents, but they currently are not imprisoning a German/Egypt correspondent of a major newspaper. Unfortunately, the Dictator Abd al-Fattah as-Sisi persistently refuses to establish a detention center.

But now what? If necessary, Merkel would send the refugees to Kim Jong-un, the Dictator of North Korea, but the way there is simply too far for them. Fortunately, there is a terror reign in Sudan who gladly takes care of refugees. The refugees are absolutely safe in Sudan because of the current leader, Umar Hasan Ahmad al-Bashir, who has many years of experience in slaughtering refugees. No one has ever returned from there, especially not to Europe.

However, there is another optimal solution: Merkel makes a refugee-camp-contract with Boko Haram, the butchers of Central Africa. They are not only allies of the Islamic State, but also more evil than the IS henchman. Then the refugees are better off if they would just stay where they are…

Boko-Haram detention centers and refugees prefer to stay at home to be massacred