How Erdogan Pasha wants to start a revolt in Germany

Recep Tayyip Erdogan foams at the mouth, and Angela Merkel is pissed off. The good relationship between the German Chancellor and the Turkish Dictator – who had been stuffing refugees into the Turkish detention center in strong consensus until recently – had somewhat suffered on the weekend.

German municipalities had disinvited the Turkish Ministers, who were supposed to “enthuse” the German Turks in Germany for Erdogan’s future autarchy as a Pasha. Erdogan Pasha wants for force the Turkish people to confirm him as the sole ruler for life through a referendum. If he does not get the majority of it, he wants to do anything to finally and mercilessly catapult Turkey back into the political stone age. However, the stone age is for sure if he gets confirmed.

To cruelly avenge the humiliation of the disinvitation, Rumpelstiltskin Erdogan retaliated. „I thought that the Nazi regime in Germany was over” resented the Turkish Chief-Choleric. But no, Nazi practices have supposedly been used to harm him. He apparently also plans appearances in the Federal Republic, so he snorted: „If I want to, I will come tomorrow. I will come, and if you will not let me in or let me speak, I will start a revolt!”

We are really looking forward to this revolt. What is Rumpelstiltskin going to do at the German border? Stomp his foot so that the half-finished Berlin airport will entirely collapse? Or worse, is he going to sneak across the border dressed in sheepskin to roam the German nightlife? Our farmers should lock away their goats as a precaution…

Here is where the Turkish Pashas lived since the late middle ages – when is Rumpelstiltskin-Pasha going to move in?

Merkel’s secret weapon against Erdogan Pasha: The famous German poet Jan Böhmermann has to write a new poem