Poor Germany – In this country, feminism is manly!

Our feminists are poor bastards. Because feminismfollowed religiously by our lovely women and to which they submit themselves almost unconditionally, is, in reality, a guy. That means our feminists have spent their whole lives with a half-bakedbastard; an ugly, snotty guy whomthey believe to be the best thing that could have happened to them.

Even Alice Schwarzer fell for this stuck-up twit, andshe reallyis a great woman who has influenced her time. Nevertheless, she was faithful to feminism, not to say she was addicted to it and was practically uninterruptedly occupiedwith it, but she continuously overlooked its masculinity.

Even the grand lady of feminism, Simone de Beauvoir, who, as we know, would never have trusted a man (except perhaps the philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre), crawled onto ITS lime twig without hesitation. Feminism never had to lie to the women who followed it. It boldly introduced itself to them: Look, I’m feminism, your best friend! You have to trust mebecause there are no feminists without feminism! Andhow would you get rid of the men?

Can you imagine? Millions of mature women who never wanted to be dependent on men fell for it willingly, practically begging to be allowed to follow it. Why is it that not a single one of our otherwise smartgirls haveever seen through feminism?

Okay, let’s ask a different question: Why did so many women fall for Donald Trump for decades? This prototype of a male cad never had to pretend, and it also seems impossible to do with his embarrassing toupee. Did all of Trump’s playmates collectively forget their glasses or have an optical deflection? How did Donald get Melania? How stupid must a man actuallylook and how humiliating must he treat women for them to finally avoid him like the plague…?

Donald Trump swearing to bang any woman he can get his hands on
© White House – via Wikimedia Commons