The rocky path to the professional selfie

It had fundamentally changed the world when a resourceful mobile phone manufacturer in the desperate fight for market shares came up with the idea of installing a front camera in his mobile phone. As far as the eye can see, otherwise right-minded people flock together everywhere to take photos with a collective and totally stupid grin on their faces. No clique manages to spare itself, even complete strangers blatantly grin into the camera as soon as someone pulls out his mobile phone – sometimes even without any influence of alcohol or drugs.

In reality, however, the selfie is a tremendous achievement that is unfortunately still not accordingly appreciated by our fellow human beings. It takes a lot of effort to take a selfie – the more people are involved in it, the more inhuman is the tension of each individual participant.

The group-selfie shot by an expert divides into four phases:

Phase 1
Someone pulls out his cell-phone for a selfie. Every individual within the surrounding ten to 15 meters immediately jumps up to the cell phone owner with a spirited leap, and presses on him or someone who is already glued to him. The face muscles of everyone involved twist into an alleged smile. Here it shows the importance of the front camera of the cell phone because all the faces of the participants now appear on the display. At a glance, everyone sees that his grimace has little to do with a relaxed smile.

Phase 2
The first correction relaxes the facial muscles of the selfie-participants without decreasing the iron will to achieve a totally relaxed smile. The unabated motivation delves into the faces, but a certain optimism adds almost imperceptibly.

Phase 3
The effort is now gradually showing effect. In this phase, the strength of the facial muscles weakens, and the optimistic smile inevitably disappears. Despondency seizes the nearly exhausted participants.

Phase 4
The mobile phone owner must now step in to still force the success. He brings the participants to mobilize their last strengths by saying the magic words: “Watch the birdie?”. The nerve-racking tension is suddenly blown off. The faces now spontaneously twist into a relaxed, radiant smile…

The photos were re-enacted by Joshua Resnick (rez_art) and his selfie-tried top-models