Why a clown should not be at a kid’s birthday party

Clowns were always good for entertainment but in a much creepier rather than humorous way. Clowns are not funny; kids, as well as adults, are scared of them. Rightly so, because these guys hide their real faces behind red noses and thick makeup, which barely allow any emotion even if there would be one, for no reason.

No, clowns can usually be found at the circus or fair. Everything was pretty much always creepy there. In earlier times, disfigured people and animals, exhibited at fairs, disturbing curiosities that no one would have wanted in their living room. Even today, there are haunted houses that are anything but funny or entertaining for kids as well as adults.

Up until today, there really are only dangerous attractions at the circus, acrobats do gymnastics under the roof of the tent without a safety net and, in the best case, no one gets hurt. Or, they animate large predators in cages to tricks and, again, no one gets injured or killed at best.

The clowns provide apparent variety in this grisly environment. However, are these guys, who hide beneath their makeup and seemingly funny disguise, really harmless? Do they not usually crack jokes at the expense of the most squeamish children, whom they fool or present?

Don’t parents say things like “don’t be like that” much more often, as in “isn’t this funny”? There is a reason why clowns are found at movie theaters and especially in horror films. Because at the days of fairs or if a circus is in town, there sometimes are mysterious deaths that can never really be resolved. Quite a few people know this and the laughter gets stuck in their throat only for that reason.

It is not uncommon for kids to disappear at the fair or circus to never reappear anywhere again. No matter how intensely these desperate parents research and investigate, the little ones remain vanished as if they have fallen off the face of the earth.

And when criminal police officers interrogate clowns, they give vague answers, without visible emotion, because even without makeup and disguise, clowns remain devious and always seem a little cunning and sly. Such a person always somehow seems unreal, like a shell that conceals something indefinable.

Only if someone manages to watch a clown completely unnoticed, some of his gruesome and disturbing ways become visible. For example, when he puts a live bug or an unwary mouse in his huge mouth and looks out for the next bite while gleefully chowing down on it.

You can tell how dangerous the vicinity of a clown is by the behavior of animals. Because neither dogs nor cats, rabbits or guinea pigs can deal with being close to him. Even the predators at the circus become very restless in their cages when a clown shows up.

No one knows where these ghoulish figures come from and where they go. It is rumored that a kind of zombie is hiding underneath that human facade, but no one really knows for sure. Because people, who are too much interested in clowns, disappears without a trace, forever…

Clowns – The laughter…

…will stick in your throat