Why German-Turks have a better survival chance than CDU officials

The Arabs have always suffered from the unswerving expansion will of the Turks. The stronger Turkey is, the more stricken are the Arabs. And what does “Shit, totally botched – now we are really fucked!” translate to in Arabic? “Fakkh! Fakkh! Fakkh!” This is what the Arabs have been saying for thousands of years, namely, every time the Turks “built another Turk.” This time he is called Erdogan and was elected as a Pasha by the German-Turks at a memorable referendum – with the possibility to get promoted to “Sultan” (at the next referendum, which won’t be long in coming).

Now virtually anyone (except the AfD) knows that most of the Turks live in Turkey. Just how did the German-Turks at the referendum manage for Erdogan to become Pasha now? Where every decent Turk in Turkey pukes out their gut when the Despot shows up?

Simple, the German-Turks have voted for the „Erdocraze“ at the referendum. They are, in fact, numerous enough, because in Turkey the ballots were already stamped with “Yes, we absolutely want Erdogan to bring us problems every day until we finally don’t know what hit us!” Of course, the “Erdoganian” policy would be hard to take otherwise.

The German Turks don’t have to do that anyway, because they live in Germany and are spoiled by the Green Party, especially by Claudia Roth, who will finally get a German-Turkish passport soon. No, not a Turkish one. She does not want to go to Turkey, just as the German-Turks.

They like living in Germany and tell each other all day long how nice Turkey actually is (compared to Germany) and that they want to go back some day. Just not in this life.

Erdogan’s policy can be easily tolerated in Germany. Especially if you can be sure that Merkel will disappear someday too. The CDU must manage to do this quickly. Because there is an old custom among the Despots.

In previous times, there was a widespread custom that the ruler was given his servants and playmates for him to take them to the huge vault. If they were still alive, it didn’t matter (to the ruler), because this would take care of itself.

Well, and what will become of the many sycophants of the CDU at the final departure of Merkel? If we were them, we would rather not take a risk…

Pasha Erdogan – well on the way to becoming Sultan