Why only conspiracists know the entire terrible truth

Are there twins that look completely identical even though they are not related at all? The photographer Neil D. from the Scottish Glasgow wanted to meet a few friends in Ireland and drink a few beers with them. So he boarded a plane in London-Stansted. When he reached his seat, he could not believe his eyes: He was sitting there already.

At least the guy sitting on his seat looked exactly like Neil: Red hair, full red beard, and a broad grin. Even monozygotic twins rarely looked this astonishingly identical.

The very eerily familiar stranger introduced himself as Robert S. and told the wide-eyed Neil that he was from Redbridge. He politely scooted over so Neil could sit down. The two of them sat next to each other the entire plane ride and had a great conversation. They booked the same hotel in Ireland, permanently ran into each other at the local pub and always drank a pint together, and got along very well, as if they had been friends their entire life.

While still in the plane, Neil sent a selfie with Robert to the cell phone of his wife, who then spread it to all of their friends. Somebody posted it on Twitter, and over 9000 people have immediately seen the picture of the not related twins and it kept spreading. An unbelievable story, but it was documented so intensely that nobody could doubt the facts.

On the other hand, researchers have calculated that the chance of two people being so similar is one in 500 to 700 million. And monozygotic twins are already included in this calculation.

That is why conspiracists firmly believe that aliens are working on taking over the world by transforming themselves into specific persons whom they then let disappear so they can take their place on earth.

According to the said conspiracists, no one can exactly tell how many people have already been replaced by identical-looking aliens in this way. With the vanishing small chance that two identical people are sitting directly next to each other on an airplane, booked the same hotel and are suddenly friends, we can only think of two reasonable explanations.

  1. Something went wrong at the airport so that the alien could not cause the target person to vanish. It was too late once inside the airplane, and the alien will have to establish his own life on earth, he can no longer take Neil’s place because of the selfie and its quick circulation.
  1. The alien belongs to a resistance group that disapproves of the devious takeover of the earth, and maybe even sabotages it. Then he deliberately reprieved Neil, and simply did not complete his order. Quite the opposite, he is now going to protect Neil so no other alien can take him over.

We will never know the truth. How would we if we all were eliminated and replaced by identical aliens. Only Neil and a handful of other lucky ones – who were spared as well – went (if explanation two is true) to take on the struggle against the ineffable evil. Good luck to you boys and girls…

The buddies Neil and Robert:

The stewardess on the flight also met an ominous look-alike, they both are sharing a pizza in the picture

Neil’s daughter Caprice with her new best friend