Why showers do not necessarily have anything to do with cleanliness

For Steffi (who is now 29 years old again)

A large German newspaper has asked a question in one of their articles: When is the best time of the day to take a shower? Well, the editor, who should deal with this important service issue, listlessly wrote that one could choose between morning and evening. At least she still knew that one should absolutely consider what shower type (the morning type or evening type) he is when choosing the time of the day.

Well, of course, real shower experts already know that there are many more shower types and daytimes:

Shower Type 1 –
the morning grouch (Harald)

Harald has to shower to even wake up. He is in a bad mood afterward because the water got in his ears and nose, and his girlfriend Tina did not kick the backdoor man out of the apartment yet. Because this means that the morning quickie has to take place lonesomely in the bathroom again. He has a cramp in his right arm afterward.

Shower Type 2 –
the backdoor man (Werner)

The backdoor man also showers in the morning (directly after Harald) because he was shagging Tina all night and can sleep a lot better if he showers.

Shower Type 3 –

Tina is off today and showers – you will guess it – in the morning as well. And it is needed after the hot night of love with Werner. After, she cannot resist going back to the bedroom again to wake up Werner. Both decide to pull off another quickie.

Shower Type 4 –
Werner (the backdoor man)

Werner showers after the quickie (around 10 am) while Tina is making breakfast. That happened quickly, and Tina is joining him in the shower. Werner is happy that he absorbed two blue pills before the quickie.

Shower Type 5 –
Tina (and the backdoor man)

Tina and Werner have a big problem when showering. It is called ‘Achim’ and is Werner’s Viagra-doped giant cock. Unfortunately, there is not enough room to shower in the small stall, which is why both unavoidably had to get it on on the shower mat until noon. ‘Achim’ is then gone and both can finally shower.

Shower Type 6 –
Rüdiger (the nighttime bus driver)

Rüdiger likes to shower around noon, he then either comes back from a hot night of love. Or, he has been through a foursome and is now showering with the three playmates. As an expert, Rüdiger has, needless to say, a magnum shower stall.

Shower Type 7 –
Tina‘s best friend (Uschi, with Tina and ‘Vibro-Achim’)

Uschi visits Tina around 13 am because she hoped that Wener is still there. However, he is asleep but due to exhaustion, and Tina shows Uschi her waterproof ‘Achim’ – a vibrating replica of Werner’s pride and joy. The two get in the shower full of expectations. Due to lack of a magnum-stall, they had to test ‘Vibro-Achim’ on the shower mat.

Shower Type 8 –
Werner (with Tina, Uschi, ‘Achim’, ‘Vibro-Achim’ and Rüdiger)

After Werner woke up in the early afternoon, the three of them decide that the bed is too small for Werner, Tina, Uschi, Achim and Vibro-Achim, and not to mention the shower stall. Therefore, all four are driving to Rüdiger, the nighttime bus driver. He invites all five into his magnum shower stall, where they are hitting it until the evening.

Shower Type 9 –
Harald (with Tina, Uschi, Werner, ‘Achim’, ‘Vibro-Achim’ and Rüdiger)

Harald is tired of using the bathroom at night in the empty apartment – his right arm still hurts terribly. Therefore, he goes to see Rüdiger, and now even the magnum shower is bursting at the seams. It does not matter, the seven experience that the evening shower upstages all the other types.

Caution: Women can gain a bit of weight when showering all together