Why we consider Morocco a ‚safe country’

Arab women have to walk around deeply veiled in public, and the reasons for that are actually quite practical. However, we only know about this because in Morocco, a comparatively liberal representative of the Arabian world, tips are presented on State television on how to optimally apply make-up if the boyfriend or spouse is in a bad mood.

Because then the guy tries to pimp his wellbeing by having his wife shimmer in all imaginable colors. Green, blue, yellow, red, purple – there are no limits to imagination. And, for this arduously applied jewelry not to disappear next time she washes her face, it is downright ‘punched’ on to her.

This is very common in all Arab States, but in Morocco, these lucky girls now have the opportunity to cover up their colorful decorations with bold make-up. In other states, however, the girls are covered with flowing robes and deep veils before the husband sends her shopping to the market so that you can only see their little blue eyes when they creep through the streets after they got the living daylights beaten out of them. It is amazing how fashion can sometimes be so practical.

And since the Islam is knowingly a peaceful religion, the bashing husband does not have to make excuses when his wife is taking a walk in a niqab because the Quran orders her to.

Back to the Moroccan liberalism. Women are allowed to show their face on the streets there. But – nicely please – and not shimmering in all sorts of colors. That is why she smears makeup on it – per instructions of the State television. However, their sisters from Anatolia wearing a niqab still have a huge advantage. When they show up at the German border asking for asylum, they may rest assured that they will be accepted.

However, the Moroccan woman is out of luck. Because, unfortunately, Morocco is a so-called ‘safe country’. Women are safe there practically anywhere, just not at home…

The broadcasting was stopped in the meantime – after public protests in Europe

Can hope for asylum in Germany…

…has to stay in Morocco and use make-up